Into Africa Inc.

Into Africa Inc.

Into Africa Inc. was founded by Richard Kerridge and a small group of like-minded people who believed that as Australians we are greatly blessed and therefore have the capacity and responsibility to help those in our world who are in need. Richard is at present our chairman and Barbara Caruana serves as our CEO.

We have a very experienced board of directors that includes Richard and his wife Dianne (Perth); Barbara and Phillip Caruana (Melbourne); Benn Crosbie (Melbourne); and Michael Carew (Zambia).

Richard & Dianne Kerridge

Richard & Dianne Kerridge

After numerous visits to Africa since 1987, Africa has become an important part of Richard and Dianne’s lives and ministry. Barbara, Phillip and Benn have travelled to Africa on various teams and Michael and his wife, Regina, live in Africa, where they the directors of Children of Destiny and Liberty-Africa.

In 1995 Richard was chosen to establish ACMI (Associated Christian Ministers International) in Africa. ACMI now has thousands of African members from many African nations. ACMI opened up many doors into Africa that extend far beyond its original scope of ministry. Thus Into Africa Inc was established to minister to the poor and disadvantaged. A number of projects in MALAWI, ZIMBABWE AND ZAMBIA have been undertaken over the last 20 years.

The effectiveness of Into Africa Inc is mainly due to the tremendous support of people in Australia and Africa who are committed to working together to make a difference in Africa.

Into Africa Inc. is an incorporated association (ABN 98 879 569 588) and Into Africa Overseas Aid Fund is registered with the government and operates as a trust under Into Africa Inc.

Executive Officer: Barbara Caruana

Our Purposes

  • To provide aid and relief to needy persons, over-seas, and particularly those who live in African countries which have been certified to be developing countries by Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  • To initiate and participate in development projects which focus on health and nutrition, rural development, agriculture, education and small business enterprise.
  • To raise funds for the improvement of the health and education of people in developing countries and where possible to provide opportunities for linkages between such individuals, their communities and the Australian community.
  • To encourage partnership with people and agencies in developing countries to identify, design and partake in aid and development projects.
  • To encourage members of the agency, and its wider constituency, and the Australian public to influence and participate in the various projects and activities designed to further its objects.
  • To establish a gift fund to which donations are tax deductible to provide aid and relief to needy persons.

Our Strategy

  • To determine the most worth-while projects to support.
  • To facilitate their development
  • To inform people of the great potential of well-placed finances in Africa
  • To give supporters the opportunity to visit Africa and see “on-the-ground” how their finances, advice and help are being used.
Children of Destiny

Children of Destiny Project – Zambia – Providing a home for orphaned infants

Our Projects

Children of Destiny Project – Zambia

Children of Destiny

A staff member with one of the once destitute infants

This exciting project is developing a children’s village for some of Zambia’s many orphans and disadvantaged children, including unwanted babies. Zambia currently has one of the largest AIDS orphan populations per capita in the world. The project aims to provide nutrition, medical aid, clothing and education through a holistic school program. Accommodation with full time care is provided for children who have become completely destitute.

For more information, photographs and updates please go to Children of Destiny’s website

For up-to-date Africa Updates – Contact Mike and Regina through:

Enabling the Disabled – Zimbabwe

This woman was severely injured in a car accident and left destitute. With an ABC loan she was able to start a very successful store which has enabled her and her family to be self-sufficient.


As a result of our many years working in Africa we have become very aware that the disabled are often forgotten and maligned people and are extremely vulnerable to poverty, sickness, crime and mistreatment.

Recently we have been directing our attention to helping these, the most disadvantaged of the poor, the physically and mentally disabled.  In 2018 when we visited Zimbabwe, we specifically went to Bulawayo to counsel and provide training for the disabled and their caregivers.  We were touched deeply by their adverse circumstances and have been looking for some more long-term ways to help these most disadvantaged of people.

Working together with Pastor Richard Dube, our ABC Director in Zimbabwe, we are establishing a training centre and looking at methods to help the disabled become more self-sufficient, learn relevant skills and live with a sense of dignity and greater hope for the future.