A Brief History

Liberty World Missions (LWM) is a not-for-profit company that commenced on the 1st July 2013 under the leadership of a Board and the Directorship of Richard and Dianne Kerridge and is based in Perth, Western Australia. It was formed when, after 35 years as church pastors, Richard and Dianne decided it was time to move into a ministry that concentrated on ministry to the wider body of Christ in Australia, Africa and Asia and provides effective forms of aid to some of the most vulnerable and needy people on earth.

Our Mission and Our Vision

To do what we can to demonstrate the love, the power and the wisdom of God to those we can reach through our ministries; and as a result to see people and their communities liberated, empowered, blessed and able to bless others.

Under Our Ministries you can read about the various ministries that operate under the umbrella of Liberty World Missions Ltd.